Has Your Office Prepared A Disaster Recovery Plan & Established An Out-Of-State Contact In The Event Of A Natural Disaster?

Don't let unexpected weather interrupt your business operations. Keep an answering service 24/7/365 in a region with very few natural disasters - ALASKA!

What will happen if communication in your area goes silent after a natural disaster and you are left unreachable? Is your answering service local? Will their service be down as well?

During the event of a natural disaster using an out of state answering service is a safe and effective way to ensure your most important calls don’t get missed. Day & Night Valley Communications will safeguard your offices line of communication with patients/clients in the event of a disaster. Your phones will be forwarded to Day & Night Valley Communications in Palmer, Alaska, where our highly trained operators will keep your patient/client communications going for the duration of your offices absence.

What will this cost your office?

It takes $20/mo to reserve your line and $50/day during a roll-over. With that being said if you would like to use our office as your full-time answering service we have plans available for as little as $100/mo.

DNVC is proudly serving you in Alaska with the personal touch that you and your patients/clients deserve. A friendly yet professional voice is available to answer your calls day and night with the assurance that patients/clients will never hear an automated machine or busy signal!

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