Why should we choose you? All operators are in Alaska. We are familiar with town and road name spelling, we know the current weather conditions. Answering service's from the lower 48 will not know as much about Alaska as we do! You will ALWAYS get a live voice answering your client/patient calls, we use no automation! 

What is the turnover rate at your company? In 11 years we have lost 2 employees. One retired and the other was let go. 

Are you able to handle high call volume? Yes! we keep at least 2-3 people in the office at all times. Four or more during holidays and busier times.

What are your training methods? The new employee is seated next to a well-established operator for several days, reads over cheat sheets for each client, learns common medical terms and is trained in HIPAA compliance.

What types of industries do you provide service for? We serve Medical/Dental offices, Veterinary Clinics, Towing Companies, Plumbing and Heating, Restoration, Construction, Septic, Funeral Homes, Search and Rescue, Lawyers, Masonry, Roofing, Fence Companies, and so much more! 

Do you customize your services? Absolutely! We can customize any plan to suit your offices specific needs.

What services are offered? We can page, text, forward calls, fax, email, and dispatch.

Will you be able to process payments on my behalf? Yes. We can set up autopay for all major credit cards.

What methods of payment do you accept? Check, cash, and all cards. 

Are you HIPAA compliant? Yes! Our office holds monthly staff meetings where we go over any changes to HIPAA and review what we already know. All phone operators are well trained in HIPAA compliance.  Your messages will be sent via encrypted text or email (or fax if preferred).

What are your call centers performance standards? No more than 2-3 rings, callers wont be on hold for more than a minute, and they will always be greeted with a friendly live voice. 

Does the service require a long term contract?  No.  all contracts are month to month. 

What reports do you offer? We send detailed messages every business day with actions stating how we handled each call (ex: Transferred call to..., or Will forward message to office, etc.)

What kind of fees do you charge? There is a set monthly rate. The only extra fee that would be applied is an hourly secretarial charge of $15/hr if your office is closed outside of the contract or if your office is running late.

Do you bill by the minute or by the call? Neither, we bill by the messages taken. If there is no message taken there is no charge.

What is your billing cycle? Your bill will be due on the day you began service. Ex: You started Jan 1, your bill will be due the 1st of every month.

How long have you been in business? We have been proudly serving Alaska AND the lower 48 for over 10 years! 

How many reps are at your office? 9. The business started with just family and is now growing with exceptional new employees! 

What are your hours of operation? 24/7/365 we are open on every holiday! 

How much background noise will the callers hear? Very little to no noise at all.

How many calls do you receive in a 24 hour time period? Approximately 300 - 400 calls a day. Holidays are usually busier. 

Are you prepared for a local disaster?  YES! We have a generator and back up supplies in the event of a power outage.

Are you able to help callers with simple questions? Yes. We would like as much information about your office as possible so we can answer callers questions.

If you have any other questions dont hesitate to give us a call! 907-745-2450